KR1 was born from a shared passion for space, its adventures and the messages it has to offer.

It all started with a documentary series dedicated to life in orbit. This rewarding creative experience gave us the idea to create an independent organization that was able to convey the wealth of astronautic information using all the communication tools and initiatives available, in an integrated way. Today, our company is the only one of its kind in Italy: KR1.

Thanks to our professional skills, developed in various professional fields and areas of training, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at sharing information on topics linked to space and astronautics.


Roman by adoption but born in Milan, I started my career in the field of company marketing in Milan and then ended up working for Rai Com, the commercial branch of Rai Group.

After working in this company’s Marketing & Communication department, I then entered the world of rights management, managing the rights for home videos belonging to Rai and creating ad hoc productions for Italy’s major publishing groups.

My passion for space and astronautics began when I was at high school, but it was during my time at Rai Com that I was really able to pursue it, creating a documentary series dedicated to the topic.


I belong to the Erasmus generation and have over fifteen years of experience in the world of political and economic communications. I have held senior management and project coordination roles for both Italian and international marketing agencies.

I have also handled communications for TV shows on behalf of SKYTG24.

I was a member of the team appointed by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers as part of the Italian term of office in the Presidency of the European Union, managing strategic communications, including those by its ambassador Luca Parmitano, in coordination with the European Space Agency, Italian Space Agency and Italian Air Force.